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Home Inspection Services Grand Junction, CO

Foresee Your Future Home

Buy Back Guarantee
New construction home in Grand Junction, Mesa County, Colorado seen during a home inspection
Foresee Real Estates Services Logo, experts in Home inspection

Grand Junction and Mesa County Home Inspections

Foresee Your Future Home

Buy Back Guarantee
Real estate agent giving house keys to new owners after a thorough home inspection

A Comprehensive Evaluation

Foresee Real Estate Services will put a special emphasis on the integrated systems of your home. From electrical to plumbing to HVAC, we give a comprehensive evaluation of each system. We will also check for any deficiencies that can lead to moisture intrusion or physical degradation of the structure itself. Additionally, we address issues related to smart and green home technologies, along with offering analytical testing of Radon, Mold, and Water.

Foresee Real Estate Services Menu

We are here to look out for the needs of each and every customer.

As such, our services menu has something for everyone. In fact, we’ll do whatever the client wants, as long as it is within our ability to do so!

  • Buyer’s Home Inspection
  • Pre-Listing/Seller’s Inspection
  • New Construction
  • New Construction Phase Inspection
  • 11-Month/Builder’s Warranty
  • Home Maintenance Inspection
  • 4-Point Inspection
  • Re-Inspection
  • Radon Testing
Person holding a smartphone to view their online, digital home inspection report

Let Us Take Care of You

When it comes to home inspections, you need the process to be as smooth and easy as possible. That’s why we’ve built a customer-friendly service that’s prepared to help you in numerous ways.

  • We offer weekend appointments.
  • Online and on-site payments accepted.
  • Get your report back within 24 hours of the inspection.
  • Please feel free to join us for their walkthrough.
  • Questions? Call us anytime!
Person's hand holding an infrared thermal camera in a living room during a home inspection

Top-Notch Industry Tools

Although knowledge is the first thing that’s needed to be a home inspector, it’s also very important to have top-notch industry tools. To that end, you can expect to see our inspector use the following:


 Thermal Imaging

Will discover if there are any issues with heat loss or water inside the walls.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Checks for high concentrations of carbon monoxide.

Aerial Drone Photography

With this tool, we’ll be able to check your roof, even if it’s not safe to walk.

Gas Leak Detector

Checks for the presence of minor gas leaks that are not yet detectable by humans.

Moisture Meter

Looks for any accumulations of moisture buildup in the home.

Background Experience

Our home inspector has over 40 years of high-level maintenance experience at the military and industrial levels. He’s also a technical college graduate. Additionally, he’s an expert in advanced control systems, along with an excellent problem solver.

In other words, he has exactly what you need to inspect your future home!

Foresee Real Estates Services Logo, experts in Home inspection

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Foresee Real Estate Services covers Grand Junction and all of Mesa County.

Buildings We Inspect

We inspect a wide array of residential buildings! Whether you’re moving into a home, apartment, condominium, or townhome, we’re equipped to help.



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